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Welcome to PNation! Hi, I'm Lima and this is PNation. Here you will find all the latest and greatest Rocket League content. Our hosts will walk you through the best and most satisfying plays, the funniest fails, and anything else that catches our eyes. My goal has always been to make the best videos I can, by spending many hours adding creative value to the clips with a nice script for a voice-over, carefully picked background music for each situation in a video, sound effects, subtitles, and other visual effects. 

If you want to be part of the next video you can submit your clip using the button above!

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Behind the scenes


Frequently asked questions
What video sites are accepted?

The following video sites are accepted as submissions: YouTube, Twitch, Google Drive, Streamable, One Drive, Twitter,,,, discord, Reddit, Gif your Game, and MedalTv.

Additional information.

Clips with no watermarks and HUD will be preferred.

Why did you delete almost all of the videos?

Unfortunately, PNation was demonetized by Youtube. We decided to delete every video and to start making videos with commentary so that we can apply again for the youtube partner program.

What editing software do you use?

Started with Sony Vegas Pro, but now I'm using Premiere Pro.

Are you hiring?

We plan to expand the team to upload more consistently across all PNation Network channels. Follow PNation on Twitter or join our discord for more updates.

Why wasn't my clip featured?

We review clips by submission order. Your clip might still be in the review queue, or probably the clip wasn't good enough.

if you still need help, reach out and we'll do our best!

Please contact us.
[email protected]

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